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with faster wireless networks in the u.s. and overseas. apple stock closed up yesterday, nearly $670 a share. >> off in chicago, the strike is grinding on leaving 350,000 students out of the classroom for a fourth consecutive day. the school district said it has presented the union with a proposal, and its negotiators are demanding a response or counter proposal. the head of the teachers union said it will take some team to work things out. they're still, miles apart. a lot of the teachers, they're dealing with public perception. the polls still, still show support from the parents for the teachers, but they're going to start running out of money. keep in mind they're not getting paid. a little stipend. fed ration of teachers offering low interest loans to chicago teachers who might need money to make it through the strike. they're struggling financially. >> tidbit. longest teachers streak in the history of chicago, 19 days in 1987. >> not the loppingest teacher streak on record nationwide. '68, new york was 36 days. >> my goodness. you know who suffers, the kids. come on, negotiate. >>> cre
that that anti-muslim movie was airing on egyptian tv. yet there were no warnings about it to other u.s. missions. why there weren't warnings about the movie is a beg question. whenever there has been a denigration of the prophet muhammad, demonstrations have almost always followed. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> not just, warning signs, potentially ignored, the consulate there, was not as secure as most consulates. they didn't have bulletproof glass. don't have reinforced doors. intelligence agents haven't substantiated this said a spy must have known about the safe house in the u.s. consulate in benghazi. militants found it without a problem. >> hoond sight is 20/20. 30 american staffers and libyans were taken to the safe house. the government will not shut down at the end of the month thanks to a spending bill passed last night by the house. a stopgap budget band-aid to pay the bills, postpones negotiations over spending until after the election. paul ryan approved it. but this plan calls for $19 billion more in spending than his plan. the senate expects to pass the bill next week. >
in the u.s., but is allowed in britain. i've actually done a couple of stories on stem cells. really honestly, the direction that, that medicine is going, but, some of the stories i have done are, your own stem cells remove them. put them in a centrifuge, reproduce stem cells and reinject them and that way no chance of your body rejecting. because how can it reject its own? typically they grow their own blood vessels and become part of the circulation. clinical trials for alzheimers, diabetes. so, stem cells. >> hopefully a trend from gerbils to humans, right? >> right. we'll be right back. umans. >> right. we'll be right back. xpenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. call today to request a free decision guide to help you better understand what medicare is all about. and which aarp medicare supplement plan works best for you. with t
have known about the safe house in the u.s. consulate in benghazi. militants found it without a problem. >> hoond sight is 20/20. 30 american staffers and libyans were taken to the safe house. the government will not shut down at the end of the month thanks to a spending bill passed last night by the house. a stopgap budget band-aid to pay the bills, postpones negotiations over spending until after the election. paul ryan approved it. but this plan calls for $19 billion more in spending than his plan. the senate expects to pass the bill next week. >> did we see bipartisan action there? >> think we did. >> my goodness. apple reaching out to kus messieurs who cannot wait to get the iphone 5. making the smart phone now for online preorders. otherwise, face long lines when retale stores open up later this morning. prices for the thinner, lighter, model start at $199. they will arrive in stores in one week. going to have to pony up money for the new adapter and man adapter to the adapter. i like the new panoramic option though. >> looks pretty cool. must say. >> uh-huh. your friday forecast.
were triggered by a new film critical of the prophet mohamed, even claiming he was a pedophile. the u.s. is on alert. secretary of state hillary clinton says the u.s. is working with other governments to ensure that american interests and people are protected. >>> the white house is downplaying reports of a rift between the u.s. and israel over iran's nuclear ambitions. president obama and israeli minister netanyahu, speaking by they agreed to continue close consultations over iran. this unusual late-night announcement from the white house comes after netanyahu criticized the obama administration over the iran policy. >> the u.n. has just found new intelligence showing iran is moving toward nuclear weapon capability. and, there are reports from israeli media that netanyahu was trying to set up this meeting with president obama, lateren the month. even offering to come to d.c. at president obama's discretion. and, the white house declined it. but, a lot of people think, because this, information is now been disseminated he will make time. >> you would think so. a bit of a big squeeze, is
the fatal accident. >>> iraq is reeling this morning from one of its deadliest days since withdrawal of u.s. troops. more than 90 people were killed and nearly two dozen bombings and shootings across the country. more than 350 wounded. many attacks targeted soldiers and police recruits. so far, though no one has claimed any responsibility, but the government is blaming al qaeda. >>> and there was even more bloodshed in syria. overnight a car bomb ripped through the city of aleppo and killed 17 and wounded several others. fighting continued throughout the country between government troops and rebel forces. several military officers and civilians were also killed when a roadside bomb blew up a bus. and people are -- go ahead. >> no. i was going to say the concern here is that a lot of extremist groups are going to start popping up here. shortly -- just a couple of hours before this blast, a jordanian militant leader linked to al qaeda warned his extremist group will launch deadly attacks to help the rebels in syria topple assad. so you see a lot of extremist groups just
thunderstorms around orlando, tampa and fort lauderdale. >> 91, miami. 70s in the northeast, midwest. 80s from kirk kesalbuquerque, 6e pacific northwest. >>> talk about lighting up the night sky. there was a spectacular sight in reno, nevada. >> take a look at the special balloons known as dawn patrol. lighting things up at day break over the weekend. part of the great reno balloon race, featuring more than 100 balloons soaring above the crowd. that's beautiful. look at that. >> gorgeous. >> have you seen the movie with repunzal in it, they have lights and balloons. >> no. >> what were they called? oh, tangled. just called it rapunzel. you need to see some kids movies. >> almost as cool as the image of landing in vegas at night. you see the oasis pop up from the dark. get a little teary. >> okay, coming up, what heidi klum is claiming after a war of word and a big breakup with seal. >> what a story of survival, for a 7-year-old colorado girl who thought she just had the flu, but instead, had a disease that dates back to the middle ages. now she is recovering. th's the good news. we'll have mor
of libya. a state department worker is dead, killed in a violent attack on a u.s. consulate. >>> u.s. diplomats are on alert in that region. and the situation is being called a very dangerous one as a new day dawns in the region. it is wednesday, september 12th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good morning. i'm john muller. >> good morning, everybody. i'm paula faris. we will get to the developing news in just a moment. >>> but first, 9/11 remembered. how new york city, pennsylvania, and the nation's capital marked a solemn day. a bit differently than they have in year's past. this is my first time actually being in new york city on the anniversary, and, very, very somber mood in this city today. >> absolutely. >>> also this morning, americans spent more than $1 billion on a popular health supplement, a prominent new study shows that fish oil may just be as effective as snake oil. we'll tell you about that. >> snake oil? >> snake oil salesman, you know the expression, doesn't do anything? >> i am just kidding. >> suckered me again. >> i know what you are ta
of the film, he says the rage aimed at the u.s., which has been simmering for years when the people here saw the movie, that anger simply boiled over. he has no regrets, he tells us, but hasn't shown the movie again. lama hassan, ax nebc news, cair. >>> a ruling expected to day. a french judge asked to halt further publication of kate's topless foe toephotos. lawyers for prince william and kate laid out their argument against the french gossip magazine. it is too late to stop the spread of the photos on the internet. >> what is significant, this is clearly very personal to -- >> of course. >> to prince william because of what happened to lady diana. i think it is also very rare that the royal family would take this pretty extraordinary step and take this to court. and they must, at this point, be thinking we have got to draw a line in the sand. >> some where. >> right. because are we heading down that path? what happened to princess diana is that going to happen to kate? >> and you think, a decent shot -- >> i think so, the laws in europe are so very robust. especially in france. the fines a
, beyond, infinite period. not until mid 20s per se. >> he has to couch his position on health carolinafully. he had reputation early on. being a flip-flopper, it came to individual mandate. or assault weapons bans. now this one. he has to couch it in the way, clarifying my position. i'm elaborating on it, not backtracking. what the obama campaign is going to paint it as the. >> trying to give specifics, minor specifics. >> from the repeal to supporting parts. >>> a tragic note from the campaign trail. a motorcycle police officer escorting president obama's motorcade in west palm beach, florida was hit by a pickup truck and killed yesterday. the officer was a 20 year veteran rather of the jupiter, florida police department. president obama didn't see the accident. passes along his prayers to the officers' family. >>> drivers are seeing no immediate relief from high gas prices. after labor day. the national average price for a gallon of gas is $3.83. up 16 cents from last month. analysts predict drivers will get a break now that refinerie are back in business after hurricane isa
an investigation into the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. libya. some in congress are calling for a review of what the administration is now calling a terrorist attack. here's abc's jonathan karl. >> the very first question for president obama at a univision forum in miami why wasn't there more security at the u.s. consulate in lib yeah. he dent direidn't directly aans. >> when initial events happened in cairo and the region. our goal now is to not only make sure our embassies and diplomats are safe but also to make sure we bring those who carried out these events to justice. >> reporter: the white house for the first time called at salt on t the -- the assault on the consulate a terrorist attack. there are mounting questions about how it all happened? >> was there actionable intelligence prior to this test. if there was not, why not? >> the administration suggested there was no advanced warning because the attack was a spontaneous react tugs anti-muslim video that sparked protests in egypt last week. >> what this began was a spontaneous, not premeditated response to what tran
that libyan sources told the u.s. embassy personnel on the ground. they said "decrease your benghazi presence." and the libyans were scared to death. because they knew that some of this was unfolding. of course, that has not been verified by the white house. >> very interesting. representative adam smith, democrat from washington, ranking member of the armed services committee, dismissed concerns and says there was adequate protection and no actionable in tell jns to suggest a terrorist attack was imminent. >> the white house is confirming it was an act of terrorism, though the president wouldn't come out and say that. he let his spokesman say that. >>> soccer fans around the world have a reputation for craziness. here an example it is dangerous. between iran between a local team in yellow, and team from saudi arabia. and everything was fine. the linesman calls the referee over, and pointing out objects being thrown. look at number 40, yellow. tosses something to the side. and it is going to explode. you heard it there and saw the camera shake. the rest high tail it out. the game was delayed
paul. >> reporter: "breaking bad"'s aaron paul won best supporting actor. >> thank you very much for not killing me off. >> reporter: but it was "homeland"'s night when it came to leading drama roles. damian lewis took home the emmy for best actor and claire danes for best actress. >> i'm so grateful. thank you. >> reporter: many of hollywood's silver screen stars were also nominated for their work in a television miniseries or movie. >> i'd like to thank the television academy for this and putting me in the company of such wonderful actresses whose work i so admire. >> reporter: the award for best drama. >> goes to "homeland." [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the award for best comedy went to -- >> "modern family." [ applause ] >> reporter: so "modern family" cast is definitely celebrating late and "homeland"'s victory means "mad men" did not make emmy history in the best drama category this time around. paula and t.j.? >> yeah, 0 for 17. bad batting average there for "mad men." okay, so julie bowen who looked absolutely gorgeous in her yellow dress, certainly gets some atte
" -- draw down. the last u.s. troops from the surge in afghanistan have left the country. >>> the pentagon says the surge strategy worked, but we remain a nation at war. it's friday, september 21st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good morning. i'm john muller. rob nelson's on assignment. >> i'm paula faris on this friday. in just a moment we'll get a report from afghanistan on the turning point in the war. >>> also this half hour, the wait is over. the iphone 5 hitting stores around the world today. enthusiastically. and hundreds of eager people already have their hands on the hottest gadget around. i'm going to wait until the iphone 6 comes out, and then maybe i can get that. >> i joked originally i would wait for the iphone 7. i said that years ago. almost here. >>> coming up, a new restaurant opens its doors to the public but the staff can't get out. we will show you the prison restaurant where everything is cooked by the cons. >> huh. i'm not sure if i really want to go there. >> apparently it's fine cuisine. it's like part of their -- >> hamburger. >> there
$20 million each, three refueling stations, and six aircraft hangars. the last attack where so many u.s. aircraft were destroyed at once more than 40 years ago during the vietnam war. >> this was a very deliberate, well planned, well executed attack by the taliban that created chaos and mayhem on base that should have been more secure and that should not have happened. >> reporter: and in another incident that's causing tension here, nato confirmed that an air strike has led to afghan civilian casualties including woman and children. muhammad lila, abc news, kabul. >> this is really just becoming something all too often and all too unfortunate. it's the third attack on coalition forces in three days. >> it's unbelievable. and so far this year we've got 51 coalition troops who have been killed by afghan servicemembers. at least 12 attacks in august, leaving 15 dead. just escalating and escalating. and, you know, we're supposed to be pulling out of afghanistan. >> very soon, completely, altogether by 2014. >> that's right. >> we'll see. >>> well, as muhammad mentioned, this is the very sa
phone 5s are all but gone. official figures come out later today, but one report estimates that 8 million phones were sold, meantime, the verizon version of the iphone 5 has a surprise feature. it also accepts the at&t sim card and works on that network. it's not clear if those phones were unintentionally set up that way. i have to believe that they were intentionally. they don't anything unintentionally, do they? >> that's right. do you think squirrels use iphones? >> they use acorn phones. >> okay. well, sometimes the pictures tell the story and here is a great example. a guy in finland had his camera rolling as a squirrel was running around in his fourth floor apartment. >> the little guy must have come in through an open window, and that's exactly how he flew out -- yes, he flew out, amazingly, though, he survived that four-story flight to the ground. you can see him just running around down there, seemingly uninjured. >> yeah. they grow those squirrels tough over there in finland. >> they do? >> or perhaps on a performance-enhancing drug. there are flying squirrels. we know this. >>
. heavy rain and flooding from the ohio and tennessee valleys. >>> 80s in the midwest. 80s from miami up to baltimore. triple digits in dallas and phoenix. and some 70s in the pacific northwest. >>> well, one polish city really went to the dogs this weekend. the 18th annual sausage dog parade, featured a marching band and krakow's favorite pooch, the hot dog. >> wasn't a hot dog. couldn't get bratwurst. just dogs? >> the highlight a costume contest, a dog, a goldfish, and astronaut, a dog as a hot dog in a bun with ketchup and relish, down on the farm dog, jeans and bandanna. the prize as a sausage dog dressed as a mexican with a sombrero. is that politically correct? we'll show it to you. >> exactly. this dates back to 1973. been doing this a while? my girlfriend loves that little hot dog. every time she sees one on the street. loves it. >> i like hot dogs on the street, in the bun. >> from the cart. >> coming up, what katy perry wants more than anything else. >> oh, yeah, the songwriter, launched careers, made movies, and had a generation humming along. stay tuned for a fond remembranc
>>> this morning on "world news now" -- u.s. service members are killed in afghanistan as new protests. swept region. >>> brazen assaults on americans are raise new england fears. it's monday, september 17th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good monday morning. hope you had a good weekend, sunny. >> it is. it's great. i'm here. next to you. >> yes. i have been asking for this moment to happen. >> girl power day. like ladies night, early morning. i'm sunny hostin in for rob nelson. we'll have the escalating mideast violence in a moment. and the next step in the chicago's teachers strike could be court. that's right. the union says no to returning to the classroom today. >> yeah, wednesday the very earliest that any students will be back in the classroom. >> unbelievable. i don't think anyone knew that would happen. >> they have ten months to figure this out. >> yes, yes. >>> later the toddler left face to face with huge gorillas and put there by her father no less. why he says he did it. >> i don't like that. >> not funny. >> no, no, no. also ahead, we'll run down t
on notice from ban ki-moon who warned him of the dangers of inflammatory rhetoric. >>> meanwhile, the u.s. is flexing its military muscle in a record show of naval force near iran. the war games with more than 2 -- excuse me, with 20 ships are being carried out near the strait of hormuz, one of the world's most important passageways for oil all designed to send a message to iran in its tense standoff with iran over the nuclear program. >>> the threats there, my job is to make sure this crew is ready for anything. >> underwater bomb squads are going through training exercises to help find and destroy mines, the kind the u.s. believes iran could deploy in the strait of hormuz. >>> the death of a giant panda cub has turned joy into sorrow at the national zoo. he was just a week old, too young to reveal its gender or even get a name. zookeepers pulled it from the exhibit yesterday morning after its mother made a distress call which sounded like a honking sound, the tiny cub was not breathing. its heart had stopped. they tried to revive it but it was too late. >> this is devastating. this is d
,000 kids studied, 15% had high or elevated blood pressure. in the '750s, just 1% had high blood pressure. high blood pressure can weaken blood vessel, causing strokes and vision problems. it can also lead to kidney failure. children should consume no more that 2,300 milligrams of salt a day, less than a teaspoon. on average, kids have 3,300 milligra milligrams. where is it coming from? a single serving of mac 'n' cheese has 890 milligrams. even a handful of chicken nuggets, 470 milligrams. we didn't know until the study cam out sodium intake was as high as adults. >> reporter: like adults, kids can devil of a preference or taste for salty foods as early as 6 months old. you have to be really careful watch cereal and crackers. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> who knew? >> who knew? right. you know some things are high in salt. it sounds like everything is high in salt. it sounds like if it comes out of a box or package, you'd better check it. >> even bread has salt. everything has salt in it. >> all right. now we know. better get on that. >> i know. i like salt. >> i love salt. we'r
around the same time: christopher columbus, 1492; leonardo da vinci in the 1500s. so--oh, and popes are not supposed to have children, so is it probably not--got that. >> [chuckles] >> it's clicked. all right. it's a really good question. i'm just trying to think if there's any way--you know, christopher columbus, you would think, a seafaring guy would be less moored to a place, and if his father was not around as the potential pope wouldn't have been, who would've--so i mean, i feel like if i had to lean, it would be in the direction of christopher columbus. but i don't feel like it's much more than 50/50. oh, god. does anyone ever have an these talking these things through? >> sometimes, yeah. >> all right, i will try not to waste everyone's time. if i could just maybe be quiet for, like, a few seconds and just think. [mumbling] christopher columbus... and if i have a 50/50 chance, it doubles to 250--more than doubles, but i go down to 25, so i lose... [whimpers] i'm gonna feel so sad-- >> if-- >> if--either way, really, except unless i guess and get it right. that one makes me ha
. sdwro it is going to be hot in the southern plains. >> 101 in dallas. 90s from colorado springs to kansas city. 80s in the northern rockies and midwest. and some 70s here in the northeast. >> the self-proclaimed messiah, reverend moon has died. he was best known in the u.s. for mass weddings by the unification church which he headed. he owned many companies including "the washington times" newspaper. he died from pneumonia. he was 92. >>> now we turn to oregon where a monster truck went out of control during a race and headed straight for the spectators. cameras were rolling from on top of an 8-foot-high berm. the truck careened toward the crowd. looking at that, people and chairs. three people were hurt. a father and his 11-year-old son. none of their injuries was serious. thankfully. no charges will be field against the driver. >> amazing there weren't anyeni. >> marine experts are fighting to save five whales from a pod of pilot whales that beached themselves saturday. 22 whales were stranded on a beach. volunteers came to help. one expert said one of the whales may have been
again, please. well, we'll, uh... oh. sorry about that. uh, jason. here we go! s. all right. i'd like to buy a vowel. yep. i... was gonna buy a vowel. uh, e. (laughter) you just wanna keep that spinning arm in--in, uh... i gotta do it. e? absolutely. all right. now you need to spin, jason. gonna spin again! you're down to 50 bucks. doin' it! yeah! go, jason! stop! stop! stop! ahh. that's what happens. gotcha. kelcey. a g. an l. there are 4 l's at $2,500 apiece. that's 10 grand. i'll buy a vowel--an a. yes. two a's. i'll buy another vowel--an i. i'll solve. okay. millionaire bill gates. no, that is not correct. (audience) oh! hillary, it's your turn. gonna spin! (car horn honks) oh, beep-beep. what letter? whoo! i'll take a b, please. yes, you will. pick up that 1/2 kia. and you get some money for that as well. $1,000. what do you wanna do? i will solve. billionaire bill gates. yeah, that's it. whoo! well, you got the... thank you! you were confusing it with his tip money. well, he is a millionaire. he is a millionaire, but for the puzzle, it was "billionaire," and, uh, easy mistake to
-old husband with the cup then using the broken handle to stab him. she was arrested last month at the u.s. open in new york where she was working as a referee. her lawyers tried to prevent the collection of her dna but lost. >> we need a sample of her dna so we can compare it to the blood found in the -- at the crime scene. so we can exclude her or include her as an assailant. >> mrs. goodman is innocent. i mean -- i want to make that as clear as i can. mrs. goodman is innocent. >> the couple were married nearly 50 years. they have three grown children. >>> well, getting behind the wheel after you have had a few drinks is never a good idea, but climbing on top of a lawnmower after drinking and driving down the street with a 6-year-old on your lap possibly one of the worst. that's what police say this guy did. jeff reese apparently wanted to go to kroger's and count get a ride. he hopped on the riding mower, grabbed the kid and put the mower in gear. >> i'm 49 years old i should have known better. i was doing most of the controlling for the lawnmower, i was letting him think he was driving
to create are manufacturing jobs, promote u.s.-made energy and train workers and reduce the deficit. voters in ohio liked the message the president delivered on jobs there yesterday. polls show mr. obama widening his lead in the state. mitt romney also in the buckeye state telling audiences he cares about the people of america. romney acknowledging that some of the polls show him behind president obama. but he pointed to the first presidential debate less than a week from now as a potential turning point in the race. >>> in new york it was a rough ride for nearly 200 people aboard a brazilian jetliner from rio. they were bracing for a crash landing at kennedy airport because the landing gear was stuck sideways. you can see it there. the pilot circled twice before touching down. the nose gear seemed to miraculously straighten itself out just before the plane hit the tarmac. thankfully no one was injured. but some anxious moments aboard that plane. >>> airlines across the country are raking in big profits from what used to be a free service. they're pocketing billions of dollars in baggage fe
or without on top of the water and the s do and he ss a the stress. ooh, sweatii ou >> i don't eel worg ono co >> a.c. is good in here. >>> accidents that seem to be airaccidents that seem to be shows. the crash that shook spectators in h stfiownd w thes ardoinout safety. how many times have we seen a scene like that over the last few years? >> all too often. >>> and later this half-hour, "insomniac theater." we'll take you back to the great depression for the crime drama "lawless." you can see shia labeouf's film. >> you liked it. >> don't give it away. >> sorry. you went for free. >> shh. >> i knew you liked it. >> i had popcorn. >> what's not to like. >>> before all that, the political focus swings to charlotte, north carolina, this week as democrats gather to nominate president obama for a second term. >> before they arrive at the convention, president obama and vice president biden are busy making their case on the campaign trail. karen travers joins us live from charlotte this morning. hi, karen. >> reporter: hi, paula. hi, rob. democrats have been pouring into charlotte over the wee
in the middle east says it launched the crime wave over the anti-muslim film. u.s. officials suspect iran is involved. >>> we now have the most convincing evidence yet that water once flowed on mars. nasa's rover curiosity beamed back pictures showing pebbles likely rounded by water. the bed rock suggests a fast moving waist deep stream once flowed on the red planet. finding past water is the first step in determining if the environment was favorable to sustaining life. they say that water probably flowed billions of years ago. pretty impressive. >> pretty impressive. how do you sort of make those rounded or those edges, either water or wind. and we know it is not wind. got to be water. i am fascinated by that geeky stuff. >> where there is water maybe there is life. maybe there is life. >> exactly. >> right. fascinating stuff. >> yeah. yeah. >> rover moving like an inch, an inch a day. do you know how slow that thing is? >> i love the rover. obsessed with it. >> back off the rover. >> back off the rover. i am obsessed with the rover. >> the rover is zero to one step in an hour. not the f
. philly and d.c. >> 60s and 70s from northeast into the great lakes, the dakotas. 80s in atlanta, miami, and new orleans. 97 in phoenix. just 67 in colorado springs. >>> see you in a few hours, new orleans. can't wait. also this morning, sacramento woman honored after her heroic action saved the life of a little boy. elise nelson described how she looked down from her upstairs patty to see a 2-year-old lifeless little boy right there in the pool. his 3-year-old brother asking for help. >> she ran downstairs, started cpr then called 911. by the time paramedics got there the child was breathing again. every parent's wor nightmare. if you have a pool around that your child will find its way. >> amen to good samaritans. >> coming up, parents' picks" and showing you products that should be at the top of the list if you have a baby or one on the way. >> very cool. first, the holidays are getting closer. this year some early gifts for families. jobs. you are watching "world news now." ♪ light blue ♪ i'll wait up for you dear ♪ santa baby >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to
knows your name ♪ >> reporter: families formed in bars and on battlefield. ♪ depicting the korean war m.a.s.h. was on the air 11 years, eight years longer than the actual war. alan alda pushed for more scenes in the operating room. capturing our hearts in the process. that last kiss between hawkeye and hot lips, the longest on-screen tv kiss ever, 35 seconds. and there was this kiss too. >> one, two, three. that moment, improvised by sammy davis jr. and "all in the family" originally running a warning before the show saying they're trying to shine the light on our frailties and prejudices doing it with a punch line. some of our tv families almost didn't happen." "seinfeld" pilot a disaster. producers said they needed a girl. so they got one. >> get out! >> reporter: and she changed everything. and so did this funny lady. >> you have to take a whole tablespoonful after every meal. >> reporter: she did it in one take. one take that's kept our families laughing for decades. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> that may be my all-time favorite. >> tasty too. the best scene. >> i also like whe
in a crisis. intelligence discovered the soviets placed nuclear missiles inside cuba, aimed at the u.s. >> how far advanced is this? >> sir, we've never seen this kind of installation before. >> even in the soviet union? >> no, sir. >> which leaves me only one alternative. >> reporter: but nowhere are the tapes more moving and revealing than as the secret witness to the struggle for civil rights. the great moral issue tearing the country apart. and after a young man named james meredith creates a crisis by enrolling in the all-white university of mississippi. >> mr. president, please, why don't you, can't you give an order. >> how can i remove him, governor, when there's a riot in the streets. >> i took an oath. >> the problem, is governor, i've got my responsibilities just like you have yours. >> reporter: kennedy sent in the u.s. marshals and the national guard to restore order, and james meredith became the first black graduate of ole miss. then 11 days before he is assassinated -- >> tuesday, november 12th. >> the last words on the last tape are about the hard battle ahead. >> and so our l
in the big pple going to a broadway play. they were in the movie the romantics together. .s.c. weekly reporting the two are just friends. et's move on to jennifer udson's new interview with oprah. >> she invited oprah in her home n chicago and gets motional talking about the man who was convicted of killing her mother, brother and nephew. >> i can'tven get over it. > what did you think? >> i think she is brave for doing it. >> we look forward to that. mario, back to you. >> today i am here at the peninsula hotel grabbing a ew interview with my buddy, kim kardashian hen shehe was to the hot seat t the view. > do you want mriage? >> divorce. >> what is your biggest regret bout ththat time? > a litittle insecurity thrown in. >> what part of yourself do you not like? >> kim kardashian grilled the ladies of the view. in stride. getting very upset with me, i know. >> the $38 million woman getting a complete closet makeover rom kanye west. n "keeping up with the ardashians." tradeoff is if i got rid my clothes, he would fill up my closet. >> when you find someone that u feels your perfect m
. >> phoenix in the upper 90s. above average for this time of year. boise warmer than usual. upper midwest getting a shot of cool, fall air. minneapolis in the mid 60s. >> this story breaks my heart. some good news for those that believe everything is better with bacon. >> everything. >> everything. >> britain's national pork association, or pig association is warning that pork is about to get priceyer. the group lays blame on drought, damaged corn and soy crops sent feed costs soaring. >>en fact pork producers in indiana have cut down pig herd to stay in business. that means less pork that will cost more. and here on the overnight where we have limitless budget, we, we -- >> the last four pieces of bacon on earth. >> yes. here they are. >> oh. >> not too proud. i will eat off the desk. >> did you bring these from home? >> the cheap bacon. >> costco, i get precooked bacon. warm it up 30 second. we go through an entire pack, 60 pieces in a week. >> you said something scary during the staff meeting. you said you eat bacon every day. >> i exaggerated. every other day. >> that's a lot of bacon
downpours along from the mid-atlantic to new england. stormy, saint lou s to grand rapids. around detroit and cincinnati as well. >> a sweltering 100 degrees in dallas, predicting will win the game. 90s, kansas city, to chicago. 80s on the east coast. from boise to salt lake city. >> grew up as an eagles' fan. can never root for the cowboys against religion in philadelphia. can't do that. >>> our first look at some of the rarest animals on earth, white tigers born in july at a zoo in the czech republic. >> to give you an idea how rare they are, one in every 10,000 bengal tigers is born white with black stripes. in the past 100 years, only a dozen have been spotted in the wild. >> starting today, the public has its chance to vote on the name of one of the male cubs. they can pick from a list of five names, liam, titan, woody and two others. >> wdoody? >> little tigers are going to be baptized on saturday. big couple days for the fellows. >> what would you name it? >> i don't know. >> toothy. >> teethy. >> see the fangs. >> i wouldn't mess with it. coming up next, couples who wait to have s
mother nature. here in the u.s., the supply of pork is up 31%. compared to last year. that's because, farmers were forced to scale down herds. the drought killed the corn and soy beans fed to pigs. making the animals just too expensive to keep. also, forget about imported bacon, because pig farmers in europe scaled back as well, leading to what is a global bacon shortage next year. >> why didn't we lead with the story? >> this is -- unbelievable. >> farmers are saying they were losing money on every pig. so. >> and now what about bacon lovers like myself. >> i love bacon. sunny takes it to another level. bacon connoisseur, freak, whater. would you eat turkey bacon? >> fake bacon, facon? >> turkey bacon is not real bacon, john. >> it's not bad. you are not a fan. >> facon. >> desperate. i can do turkey bacon. >> i can't do it. high in sodium anyway. if you are going to take a hit -- take the real bacon. delightful, delicious. >> pony up extra and get real bacon. >> i would. i would. >> black market. go under the bridge, score bacon? >> i would. >>> thunderstorms, from oklahoma to ohio
as a crucial way to train afghan force sews they can learn to take on the taliban on their own after the u.s. withdrawals in 2014. a french mag zazine says it is publishing caricatures of the prophet muhammad in the edition today. the french prime minister condemned it and called it a catastrophe. >>> the chicago teachers strike is over, clearing the way for hundreds of thousand of stuf dnts to head back to school this morning. after missing seven days of classes, union delegates voted 98% in favor of reopening schools. e lated teachers were cheering, honking horns and singing solidarity forever. the mayor called the settlement an honest compromise. >> this contract is a barack with past practices and brings a fundamental change that benefits our children. >> we knew we were going to have to give up some stuff in order to got some stuff. >> the standoff was largely based on teacher evaluations and job security. the same two issues at the heart of school reform efforts across the country. the contract still has to be ratified by chicago's 25,000 teachers. >>> american airlines cutting thousan
'll take the bridesmaids though. >> oh, yeah. the bridesmaids though. >> oh, yeah.@ññcñ?xús1ú? >>> this morning on "world news now" -- president obama asks america to give him another term promising our problems can be solved and our challenges can be met. >> some of the soaring rhetoric of four years ago was replaced by the sobering realities of 2012. it's friday, september 7th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> ah, yes. >> good morning, everybody. >> is it friday, thank you, lord, it's friday. picking my teeth there a second ago. sorry about that. >> good morning, everybody. i'm paula faris. >> i'm rob nelson. well, energy, education, and the economy all key topics last night as the president accepted officially the nomination in charlotte. a live wrap-up from charlotte coming up in a moment. >>> also in this half-hour, the airline hoax that was no laughing matter. turning a flight around, in fact, and turning one man's birthday flight into an absolute nightmare. >>> high stakes deal making with the economy on the brink, saying the situation was so m
about the day serena williams had at the u.s. open? >> serena and venus were beaten by a pair of russians. they were seeking a 14th grand slam doubles title. >> earlier serena moved into the ladies' single quarterfinals with a dominating performance. her 6-0, 6-0 victory, referred to as a double bagel. sounds good actually at this time of the morning. >> making me hungry. >> a double bagel. >> indeed. not the exit they wanted. >> they dominated for so long. it is okay. >> you can't win them all. it is all right. >>> all right, coming up next, returning to our top story this morning. of course, the democratic convention, and the big role this year that the candidates' wives are playing. >>> later on, spin control for the royal family. prince harry's important photo-op after all the embarrassing photos taken in las vegas. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by hoveround power chair. watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by hoveround power chair. like you used to? when you
this from our abcçpc6 . ♪ meet george jetson ♪ his wife judy ♪ meet george jetson ♪ his wife judy >> all right. >> oh, my! on that note. before signing the bill that paves the way for self-driving cars, yes, i said self-driving cars in southern california -- look, ma, no hands -- governor jerry brown called the vehicles "science fiction becoming tomorrow's reality." >> they're closer to being reality than you might think. in fact, abc's jim avila has already taken one out for a test drive. >> reporter: you've seen this. cars that slam on the brakes before you hit a pole. but here's something you have never seen. the car of the future making the driver totally unnecessary. >> no hands. >> reporter: google is working on one, and the federal government is sponsoring a field test in ann arbor, michigan, with cars that automatically swerve past potential accidents and alert you to oncoming hazards. and now this at general motors' test track, i sat in the driver's seat as this cadillac at high speeds stayed in its lane. at 60 miles an hour it stopped on its own even when a car driv
there are no word that excuse the killing of innocents. >> the president also paid tribute to u.s. ambassador chris stevens, vowing to bring his killers to justice. and he promised to continue his support of democracy in the muslim world. >>> the romney/ryan campaign will be crisscrossing ohio, a key battleground state where new polls show they're trailing president obama. they will focus on how they plan to handle the debt crisis, improve unemployment and cut spending if they're elected to office. meantime, ann romney doing her part as well appearing on the tonight show with jay leno where she reflected on the possibility of her husband becoming the first mormon at the white house. >> on a serious note, talk about the significance if he gets elected being the first mormon president. >> i love the fact that we have the first african-american president, that means to me, that we're leaving prejudices behind. i would hope that if mitt were elected we would see more of the same. >> she also talked about how much she and her husband love shopping at costco, saying she recently picked
northwest to 80s in the midwest. 90s sacramento to dallas. 64, seattle. 70s in the rockies. >>> here is some evidence it wasn't all bad when hurricane isaac came ashore late last month. >> the artist hung out under an overpass and let the storm's strong wind take his paint across the canvas. the final results turned out pretty cool. >> yeah, they do look good. >> bobby says when heap puts it up for auction, the proceeds will help isaac's vick timz and is likely to head out in the next hurricane to do painting with mother nature. >> he said the official title is the anniversary of hurricane katrina, painted by hurricane isaac. creative. now that is art. >> i agree. >> mother nature's art. >> coming up an exclusive inside look at one of the most intense talks in the obama presidency. >> a big mission and important journey for the royal couple. will and kate. where they're going and why. find out all about it next on "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by united health care. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your par
the rockies to texas. >> triple digits, dallas, phoenix. 80s, miami to new york. and across much of the midwest. >>> temperatures are expected to reach the 90s again today. north east of los angeles. that's where hundreds of firefighters are battling a fast-moving fire in the angeles national forest. more than six square miles have already burned. as abc's nick watt reports, the danger is growing. >> reporter: the angeles national forest was packed with thousand of campers and hikers enjoying the holiday weekend. >> we just saw the smoke next to us and we started packing. >> reporter: the fire began 2:15 sunday cause unknown. within hours, nearly 4,000 acres were ablaze. vacationers evacuated and hundreds of firefighters drafted in from across the west. the fire is moving very, very fast the we can see it coming down this hillside. look at the terrain. talking 80-degree inclines which makes it difficult for firefighters to get up to the flames and fight this fire. air drops are the best and in most places the only option. >> it is uphill, steep, rugged terrain, we are trig to get
. pop-up storms for the southeast and gulf coast. summer like in the north east. >> 80s, kansas city to new york. fargo to minneapolis. 90s from the site of the super bowl, new orleans where the saints will play, for the big title to miami. thank you, kindly. >> playing eight games there. just eight home games during the regular season. sorry to break it to you. a tough night at brewers/marlins game wednesday. all worked out for one little fan. >> one of the brewers tossed a ball into the stands. but a guy boxed out two kids. caught it. the little girl, none too pleased. come on she did everything she could during the game. in an attempt to get a ball. eventually one of the pros threw a ball to her mom. someone else brought her one. she ended up with two baseballs and wound up giving a tv interview as well. a pretty good night. she had her 15 minutes of fame. >> she did indeed. happy ending to that story. i hate when the adults. let the kids catch the stuff. come on. >> stealing baseballs. >> coming up -- our kickoff to football pick season, how you, this year, big change in our "wor
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